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Top 5 Things To Do Before Your Turkey Hunt

Photo by John Pryor Creations: He is carrying a turkey and walking away from the sunset.

The greatest necessities for having a successful hunt are to plan well and to constantly learn better hunting skills. Here are 5 things you should do to have a great season: 

Text on image saying, "Number 1, Safety is always first." Image of a hunter loading his gun into his 4 by 4. He is wearing hunter orange for safety.

Safety Really Is First.

It only takes one small mistake to ruin the rest of your season. It's best to focus on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it:
  • Don’t wear red, white, blue or black clothing.
  • Use your camo top to bottom. 
  • Make sure you have 180 degrees of visibility. 
  • Position yourself behind wide bases of trees.  
  • Identify with your voice, not your hands. 
  • Travel orange so others can see you. 

    Text on image saying, "Number 2, check regulations." Image of a grayscale set of magazines.

    Screen shot of 

    Check out your state/province regulations:

    Hunting can vary by region. Make sure to review your state/province hunting guides and website for updates.

    Hunting Guides:

    Certification Courses:

    Text on image saying, "Number 3, hunting opportunities." Close up image of a turkey's feathers and top portion of a spartan camera.

    Find great hunting opportunities: 

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service offers an interactive map to find areas where and when you can hunt for various species like turkey. 

    • This tool will allow you to see acreage, open/closed, and hunting availability 
    • Uses the Google Maps API - Information will be up to date  

    In Canada, wild turkey hunting is limited to these 4 provinces: Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia.  

    Text on image saying, "Number 4, practice your turkey calls." Image of a hunter walking away into the woods.

     Practice your Turkey Calls 

    Turkey calls are important tools to keep them interested in your area or if you notice a call that may require you to take other actions.  Check out the National Wild Turkey Federation’s website for Denny Gulvas’s "Wild Turkey Sounds".

    Text on image saying, "Number 5, scout your area." Image of a hunter carrying a spartan camera. .

    Scout your area. 

    Timing is everything when it comes to making the correct calls and pulling the trigger. You can be more effective by remote live streaming with a Spartan GoLive to scout the area prior to arriving to the hunt.

    Contributors: Kevin Warstadt


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