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GoCam M & Solar Kit With Battery (Use Code: LABOR50)

GoCam M & Solar Kit With Battery (Use Code: LABOR50)

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1. Camera
2. Solar Panel (+ $10 for 15W)
3. Solar Panel Bracket (Match To Panel)
4. Mount ($19.95 or $24.95)
5. Battery
6. Battery Box
Data Service (+ $22.99)

Other taxes, fees, shipping and products will be totaled at checkout. Data plan charges are re-occuring.

Our best-selling camera, the Spartan GoCam, is now available with smart carrier switching. The Spartan GoCam M keeps you connected throughout the United States with Spartan Shared Data. Rather than buying from a single carrier, the GoCam M chooses a network for you and makes your trail camera's deployment easier than ever.  With a durable build and rugged design, everything about the GoCam is built to withstand the outdoors. GoCam gives you flexibility in the size of images and videos, keeping you energy-efficient while serving your scouting and surveillance needs. External power options, like our solar panel kit, provide a more permanent setup and reduces the need for additional trips to your site. Currently available in our Spartan Areus camo. All of our 4G/LTE cameras are compatible with the Spartan Camera Management App. Transmit photos and videos and remotely update your settings with the touch of a button.

GoCam Solar Kit With Battery saves you time and money. The solar panel will keep your camera's internal battery charged, allowing you to leave the camera for longer periods without needing to swap or exchange batteries. This will reduce the time spent at your trail camera site, ensuring that you are not disturbing nearby wildlife.

In this kit:

  • GoCam M Cellular Trail Camera
  • Battery Box for GoCam
  • 12V External Battery
  • Solar Panel Bracket
  • Solar Panel
  • Power Cable
        Camera Warranty:
        1 year with receipt or 2 years when registered with receipt
        Accessories Warranty:
        90 Days
        Bundle Includes:
        GoCam M, One Battery Box, Selected Solar Panel, Selected Solar Panel Bracket, 12V Battery, and Power Cable
        Free shipping in the continental USA