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GoLive 2M & Solar Kit With Battery (Use Code: LABOR50)

GoLive 2M & Solar Kit With Battery (Use Code: LABOR50)

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1. Camera
2. Solar Panel (+ $10 for 15W)
3. Solar Panel Bracket (Match To Panel)
4. GoLive 2 Adapter
5. Cable
6. Mount ($19.95 or $24.95)
7. Battery
8. Battery Box
Data Service (+ $22.99)

Other taxes, fees, shipping and products will be totaled at checkout. Data plan charges are re-occuring.

The Spartan GoLive 2M keeps you connected throughout the United States with Spartan Shared Data. Rather than buying from a single carrier, the GoLive 2M chooses a network for you and makes your trail camera's deployment easier than ever. This multicarrier cell camera features a new, wide-angle lens and industry-leading live streaming. Our compact, nature-resistant design has simplified switches & control buttons, a front-facing LCD screen, and a built-in metal pitch-angle bracket to make it easier to deploy your trail camera in the field. Maintain your setup with a removable cartridge-style battery tray and the option to use external power. Once deployed, you can live stream up to 30 frames per second, quickly retrieve HD photos and videos, and update your camera remotely through our Spartan Camera Management App.

Placing a camera in the wild can come with a lot of uncertainty, but it shouldn’t have to. Now, powering your camera can be one less concern. Decrease the number of trips to your camera sites, leave less scent and spend less money on other battery solutions. With your GoLive 2's internal rechargeable battery and this easy solar panel connection, setting up and maintaining your camera is a breeze.

In this kit:

  • GoLive 2M Cellular Trail Camera
  • Battery Box
  • 12V External Battery 
  • Solar Panel Bracket
  • Solar Panel
  • Power Cable
  • GoLive 2 compatible Spartan Power Cable Adapter

GoLive 2M Highlights:

  • Live streaming up to 30 FPS
  • Smart Carrier Switching (Multicarrier)
  • Trigger speed as fast as 0.4 seconds
  • Wide-angle lens with a 96° FOV
  • Dual Blackout Infrared Flash
  • PIR detection range up to 80 feet
  • Internal 5300 mAh lithium battery
  • Tamper-resistant anti-theft GPS
  • Compatible with micro SD cards

  • Take advantage of our 2-year warranty when you register your camera. See terms and conditions of sale.
          Camera Warranty:
          1 year with receipt or 2 years when registered with receipt
          Accessories Warranty:
          90 Days
          Bundle Includes:
          GoLive 2M, One Battery Box, Selected Solar Panel, Selected Solar Panel Bracket, 12V Battery, GoLive 2 Power Cable Adapter and Power Cable
          Free shipping in the continental USA