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Become a Dealer

A Dealer of Spartan Camera (Spartan) product must be an established business, operating with legal authority that is granted to the business by the states and other governmental jurisdictions in which the Dealer proposes to operate.
The Dealer must have a sales tax exemption number and agree to collect and remit all sales tax, use tax or any other tax or governmental fee that may occur from sales of Spartan products.
  • The dealer shall have adequate personnel and facilities to perform the following:
  • Market Spartan products to users
  • Sell Spartan products to end users
  • Unload, store and ship out Spartan products
  • Answer basic questions about the Spartan products
  • Provide basic support to the end user about the Spartan products
Spartan does not grant non-exclusive geographical territory marketing rights.
Spartan may agree to assign a Dealer a Preferred Territory and / or a Preferred Industry for the Dealer's sales, marketing and installation efforts. When either a Preferred Territory or Preferred Industry is assigned to a Dealer, then Spartan, at its sole discretion, will direct inquiries for Spartan products to the assigned Dealer.
Spartan offers Dealer price for resell purchases. These purchases should be for resale only.
Spartan may also offer demo purchase discount, store display purchase discount or store employee discount price. These purchases should NOT be for resale.