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Job Opportunities

Software Engineers are needed in Duluth, GA.

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining features related to customer account payments, billing and subscriptions using Laravel framework.
  • Implement MVC architecture for web and mobile applications using PHP and Java.
  • Integrate Kibana with organizations enterprise applications and aided support teams to log admin activities.
  • Synchronize data schemas available on Magento, Zendesk, QuickBooks, CRM using REST API to the customer’s data schema.
  • Enhance the existing purging mechanisms by using AWS S3 and MySQL to improve the website performance.
  • Add interactive UI features such as search optimization, notifications, checkout page and create new REST API endpoints for Machine Learning on the mobile application.

• Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
• Proficient in Laravel, Java, PHP, AWS and MySQL.

9-5, 40 hours/week. Mail resume to HCO Outdoor Product LLC d/b/a Spartan Camera at 2707 Main ST, Suite 1, Duluth, GA 30096