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Looking to back a brand but don’t know where to start? The Spartan Camera Affiliate Program is a new, easy, and profitable way to share your love of Spartan products.

Our program doesn’t require any business experience or technical knowledge; you can start working towards receiving commission without any investment cost as soon as you’re verified. And better yet, the Affiliate Program is for everyone -- whether they’re professionals in their field, beginning outdoorsmen, or influencers looking to expand their horizons.

What are Affiliates?

“Affiliates” are Spartan Brand ambassadors that promote Spartan Camera on social media platforms and other online communities. Unlike Prostaff, they do not have to be large accounts with frequent activity. Most Affiliates may just be breaking into the industry or they may have a more active presence in various other fields that Spartan Camera is present in -- such as wildlife conservationists.

All of our Affiliates will be given a 10% discount code for their viewers and followers and receive a commission based on how many people follow their link to purchase a product.

What are the expectations of affiliates?

Use their social media channels to post Spartan related content alongside their unique promo code.

Like & join our spartan social media pages & communities.

Send occasional photos & videos to

What will Spartan Camera provide?

A unique discount code associated with that affiliate for a 10% discount for their viewers.

Monthly commission that increases per number of cameras sold in a year.

A welcome package with the following:

  • [x1] Shirt
  • [x1] Hat
  • Spartan Vinyl Decals
TIER 1-20
Cellular cams, get a 3% commission
Tier 21-49
Cellular cams, get a 5% commission
Tier 21-49
Cellular cams, get a 5% commission
What happens after the application?
Within 7-14 days we will review your application and answer you.
If you are accepted, you will receive an email with a contract to sign stating you understand all the stuff we detailed above.
Once you respond to the form, we will send out:
Your welcome package full of goodies
An email with information about how to log your social media posts
Congrats! You’re a member of Spartan Camera’s Affiliates!
Do I have to be active on social media to be an Affiliate?
While it is greatly preferred, you do not need to be as active on your social media in order to be a Spartan Affiliate.
What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Prostaff?
An Affiliate can earn commissions by spreading information and their discount code for use on Spartan Brand cellular cameras. Prostaff earn rewards based on activity on their social media accounts. A more active social media presence is required for a Prostaff.
I’m not a hunter. Can I still be an Affiliate?
You can be an Affiliate without being a hunter. Affiliates are our brand ambassadors that are active with our products on any front - whether it be hunting, wildlife conservation, or any number of trail cam use.