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App Update 2023: What you need to know about the new Spartan Camera Management App

The Spartan Camera Management App has been updated!

With Spartan Camera and the Spartan Camera Management App, you don't have to be there. That's why our team has been working behind the scenes in order to bring you the best in-app experience we can provide.

What's New?

Updated User Interface

View all of your owned and shared cameras all in one convenient location. You can now preview up to five photos per camera on the home screen.

Camera Edit Menu

Easily edit the order of your cameras displayed on the home screen and hide the cameras you don't need photos from!

Photo Library

Now, you can filter the photo library by specific camera(s), time period, and the type of file you want to see. No more going to each camera individually to find that one photo you're searching for!

Notification Settings

Now you can customize your alert settings and choose which alerts you receive from the app. You can also choose which cameras send you alerts, so you can pinpoint movement on your cameras easily!

Profile Settings

Personailze your Spartan Camera Management App account by adding a profile photo, your phone number, and setting your preferred timezone.

The Spartan Camera Management App also features a Shop tab where you can purchase data plans and premium credits.

To learn more about the app changes, see our Knowledge Base article: App Update 2023. The Android app can be downloaded from the Play Store and the iOS version is available on the App Store.

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