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Shared data
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What Is Shared Data?

Shared Data functions as a "pool" that lets you share data between all of your Spartan cameras on a single plan. Instead of buying a plan for each camera, you can start with one camera on a plan, then add additional cameras. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple plans at the same time.

Every cellular camera from Spartan Camera requires data to send pictures and videos to your devices. With our new Shared Data Plan, sharing data between your cameras has never been easier! In addition, all Spartan Shared Data Plans come with Premium Service, so there is no need to purchase Premium Credits.

total cameras

Have up to 10 total cameras on our most robust data plans
per camera

Add a line to your plan for just an additional $5 a month per camera. No activation or deactivation fees!
best price

Take advantage of some of the most competitive prices in the industry.
Real Data

You're buying Real Data. We don't limit you to certain number of images or videos
data usage

Easily check your data usage and control your data plans from our app and website

Mix and match between AT&T and Verizon cameras on a single Shared Data Plan.

shared data
add line
12 Months
12 GB
Up to 9, $60/ +1 Camera
6 Months
6 GB
Up to 9, $30/ +1 Camera
3 Months
3 GB
Up to 4, $15/ +1 Camera
1 GB
Up to 2, $15/ +1 Camera
1 Months
2 GB
Up to 9, $5/ +1 Camera
1 GB
Up to 4, $5/ +1 Camera
500 MB
Up to 2, $5/ +1 Camera
shared data, add a line to a shared data plan for $5 per month

Shared data is the total data amount that all devices on the plan can share for the duration of the data plan subscription.
The $5/ month for additional cameras is charged at the time of purchase.
All plans include the premium service.
Recommended best value.

usage recommendations

Usage and data needs can vary from user to user. If you experience a lot of activity at your sites or want to monitor your land year-round, the 12-month plan is highly recommended! For less active areas or cameras that aren't used as often, a smaller plan may be a better fit.

plan information

Each Shared Data Plan has a maximum camera limit. Our smallest plan allows you to share data between 3 cameras and our largest plan allows you to share data between up to 10 cameras. Each additional camera will add $5 per month to that plan. For example, a 1-month plan charges $5 per additional camera. A 3-month plan would charge $15 per additional camera.

Shared Data Plans are divided into four different renewal periods: 1-month plans, 3-month plans, 6-month plans, and 12-month plans. Keep in mind that if all of the data allowance on a plan is used, it will automatically auto-renew.


Click each section to expand

Shared Data Section

The first column specifies the duration of the plan and data allowance.
Note: if all the data allowance is used the plan will automatically auto-renew.
These new plans can be used for multiple cameras, sharing the total amount of data for the plan between multiple cameras. Each additional line requires a fee specified in the add a line column.


The total price for the first camera on the data plan.

Add a line

For each size of data plan, there is a cap on the number of cameras that can be added. The price for adding the camera will be the dollar amount specified in the field.
EX: On the Monthly 1GB Data Plan, adding a camera/line will be $5 per payment period, up to 4 cameras.

Please update your app, and you will be able to see the new plans! If you are still having issues, please email or call 770-582-0004.

The short answer is that you can check this support article for estimates of data per image or video.

The longer answer is that these values are only approximate based on image/video size, signal reception at the camera site, and even the amount of colors or detail in each sent video or image. Please read more here.

The cameras are $5 per month, and then totaled for that payment period whenever you activate or renew your plan.
EX: If the plan is a yearly plan, it will renew once per year. Each additional camera after the first will cost $60 at the time of payment. This means you are paying $5 per camera per month. In other words, $60 for 12 months is $5 per month per additional camera.

You use this data calculator to experiment with camera and data plan combinations here.

"Real Data" is what your camera uses to transmit pictures, video, livestream and camera setting changes. Other companies' cellular cameras set limitations by the number of images or videos, regardless of how much data was used or how much that cost the provider. We're only charging you for data plans so you can have more control over your cameras.


1. Log in to your account at, and go to Camera Management , then go to Subscriptions, and click on Add New Camera.
2. Enter in the IMEI of the camera and click the Verify button. It will display the camera information, then enter the ICCID (SIM card) and click Next.
3. You can choose to add the camera to an existing plan (if eligible), or open a separate plan. Then select the existing plan pool or new plan.
4. Read the terms and conditions and then check the box that for "I've read and agree to the Plan Details , Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy", then click Next.
5. You will be taken to the 'Shopping Cart' page. Review everything, confirm or update your Payment Method, then check the box to "acknowledge the plan will renew automatically...", then click 'Pay with default card' to submit your order.
6. Once the payment succeeds you will be sent an email notification that your camera has been activated.


1. Log in to your account at Please DO NOT user Internet Explorer.
2. Go to Camera Management > Subscriptions > Data Service

    a. If the camera is the last device in the data pool
    Click the Change Plan button, then choose to either "Keep camera active until plan expires" or "Deactivate the camera right now". Choose one then click Schedule Cancel or Cancel Now to complete your cancelation request.

    b. If the camera is in a data pool with other devices
    Click on the device Module ID, then click Deactivate, and click Deactivate again to confirm. The device will deactivate immediately.

3. You should receive an email confirming that you have scheduled or canceled your plan. If you don't get one, please check your SPAM folder.

You can move cameras between data pools. Please check this support article to see how.

You can upgrade or downgrade your data plan on your account. Please check this support article for instructions.

You can submit a refund requests via email to after the the data plan and cameras are canceled. Per Terms and Conditions, you can cancel the data plan within 24 hours from the time of Plan Activation or Plan Renewal to be eligible for a refund minus a $5 cancelation fee. Cancellation after 24 hours of Plan Activation or Plan Renewal will not be qualified for a refund.

Disclaimer: All plans and rates described or displayed by Spartan Camera and their approved partners are subject to change without notice. We don’t guarantee that these plans or rates will be available at any point in the future. All plans described here are in effect as of July 2021. Rates subject to change.

Data plans only valid when activated through with Spartan 4G/LTE cameras. Changing data plans or moving existing plans to Spartan Shared Data will be available starting on August 1st, 2021. Terms & Conditions , and Terms of Sale apply.