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To the Squirrels: "We humbly apologize"

In the heat of the rut, it can be easy to forget the smaller creatures.

From the Mossy Oak website:

"This week we humbly apologize to the squirrel. Across the whitetail's range, our collective love of deer and deer hunting has made many of us forget about what once was a very strong hunting tradition. We don't want to spook our deer, so we've backed away from roaming the woods in pursuit of bushy tails.

Squirrels are a challenging target, live in beautiful hardwood habitats, and can be fantastic table fare. On this podcast, super squirrel hunter George Brown helps remind us of what we have been missing. Warning: whether you're a seasoned hunter, or are just getting into the sport - this one will make you want to break day leaning against an old oak tree with a .22 rifle by your side. Listen, learn, and enjoy!"


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