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Understanding Duck Migration with Dr. Ryan Askren

Everyone knows the drill: once the weather starts turning colder, the great migration starts. But how do these birds know where to go?

From the GameKeepers page:

"This week we sit down and talk ducks with Dr. Ryan Askren, a waterfowl ecologist/researcher from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, and the legendary Jim Ronquest from Drake Waterfowl Systems. There is much to learn about the migration habits from the data that GPS transmitters have provided. We also dig deep into habitat, forage preferences, nocturnal instincts, and many other questions duck hunters ask around the campfire. We also key in on the management of red oaks and their importance in the wetland areas. It’s a fascinating discussion. Listen, Learn and Enjoy!"

Tune in at 22:25 to hear what the GameKeepers have to say about the live-streaming feature on our Spartan GoLive.


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