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Spartan GoCam M

Our best-selling camera, the Spartan GoCam, is now available with smart carrier switching. The Spartan GoCam M keeps you connected throughout the United States with Spartan Shared Data. Rather than buying from a single carrier, the GoCam M chooses a network for you and makes your trail camera's deployment easier than ever.

With a durable build and rugged design, everything about the GoCam M is built to withstand the outdoors. The GoCam M gives you flexibility in the size of images and videos, keeping you energy-efficient while serving your scouting and surveillance needs. External power options, like our solar panel kit, provide a more permanent setup and reduces the need for additional trips to your site. Currently available in our Spartan Areus camo.

All of our 4G/LTE cameras are compatible with the Spartan Camera Management App. Transmit photos and videos and remotely update your settings with the touch of a button.

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Full-featured Scouting Camera

The classic Spartan GoCam M is one of our most popular models, giving customers many amazing features at an introductory price.

Smart Carrier Switching

Smart Carrier Switching allows you to be free to roam across the United States of America. The Spartan GoCam M will automatically connect to most major U.S. cellular providers without having to worry about roaming charges. Service is provided exclusively by Spartan Camera when buying a qualifying data plan.

High-Quality Images and Videos

The Spartan GoCam M transmits photos or videos when it is triggered. Receive photos & videos instantly or in batches at specific times using scheduled events. You can even set days of the week and times of the day when you want the camera to work. Choose between two thumbnail sizes, as well as the length and quality of the recorded videos.

Advanced Spartan Camera Managment App

Remotely change your camera settings, download pictures, and videos, check your camera’s status, and share your cameras right from the Spartan Camera Management App. You will receive notifications right to your phone or tablet whenever the camera sends a picture, video, or status report.


Manufactures Warranty Parts & Labor: 1 year with receipt or 2 years when registered with receipt

Camouflage (Camo) Color Options: Spartan Areus

Camera Case: Clamshell ABS plastic with a hinge on the right

Camera Field Of View (FOV): 52° FOV - coated plastic lens

Display Screen: 2.0" IPS LCD (480×360)


GPS and Security

Global Positioning System (GPS): None

GPS Mapping: Not Applicable

Camera Password: Set password on-device


Photo and Video

Day-time photo or video: Color

Night-time photo or video: Monochrome

Camera Capture Resolution Options: Normal Thumbnail, Large Thumbnail, or High Quality

Photo Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio

Photos Saved To SD Card: 640×480, 1280×960, 2048×1536 (3MP), 2592×1944 (5MP), or 3264×2448 (8MP)

Thumbnail Photo Transmission: 640×480 (Normal) or 1280×960 (Large)

Cellular Transmission Options: Available only with Spartan Premium or a Spartan Data Plan  

Video Resolution Options: 320×240 or 1024×576

Video Frame Rate: Up to 30 FPS (frames per second)

Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio

Video Transmission Length Options: 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec

Video and HD Photo Request: Yes, through the mobile app or web portal with Spartan Premium or Spartan Data Plan


Live Stream

Live Stream Option: None


Built-in Microphone

Microphone: Built-in microphone

Video sound: Supported for saved video.

Sound settings: Set sound ON or OFF during video recording


Passive INfared Sensor

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) Detection Range: Up to 60 feet (~18 meters)

PIR Sensitivity Options: 4 modes: High, Normal, Low, Off


Dusk and Night Time Operation

Night Illumination: Infrared flash array with a blackout filter

Night Range: Up to 60 feet (~18 meters)


Multiple Modes

Capture Modes: Photo, Video, Photo + Video

Photo Mode Burst: Take 1-3 photos in a single trigger

Photo and Video Mode Burst: Take 1 Photo and then 1 (10-30 second) video per single trigger


Camera Triggers

Trigger Time: 0.6 seconds

Trigger Interval: 0 seconds - 60 minutes

Time Lapse Interval: 30 seconds - 8 hours

Trigger Options: Motion (PIR) or timer (time-lapse)

Timer Options: Add 4 different start and stop time intervals per trigger

Schedule Work Day Options: Not Available

Scheduled Events Options: Not Available


Cellular Connection

SIM-Card Compatibility: User-replaceable with an approved Spartan SIM

Carrier: Spartan Camera

Wireless Technology: 4G/LTE

Antenna: Omnidirectional paddle antenna with SMA (M) connector for a 4G/LTE connection.


Full Size SD Card

SD Card Availability: SD card is not included and is sold separately

SD Card Capacity: Supports up to a 32GB Class 10 Full-Size SD Card

SD Card Formatting: On-device

SD Card Overwriting: No


Multiple Power OPtions

Internal Power: None

External Power Supply Options: 6AA to 12AA alkaline/lithium/rechargeable batteries (1.2v-1.5v/ea.),12V DC, or 12V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 12V 18AMP battery

Direct Solar Connection: No; however, a compatible solar power kit can be purchased separately.



Mounting Options: Tripod mounting sockets (bottom and rear), mounting strap, security cable lock

Thread Type: UNC

Thread Size: 1/4 Inch-20


Environmental Conditions

IP Rating: Not Rated

Operational Temperature: -4 to 140 Fahrenheit (-20 to 60 Celsius)

Storage Temperature: -22 to 158 Fahrenheit (-30 to 70 Celsius)

Humidity: 5% - 90%



Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.7 x 7.0 x 3.7 inches (24.7 x 17.78 x 9.4 centimeters)

Camera Dimensions (not including antenna)(HxWxD): 6 x 5 x 3.5 inches (15.24 x 12.7 x 8.89 centimeters)



Weight Of Camera (not including antenna): 12.8 oz (~363g)

Weight Of Antenna: 1.5 oz (~44g)


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We pride ourselves on providing top-quality scouting cameras for your hunting, research, and security needs. That’s why we offer a Limited Manufacturer's Warranty for parts and labor for 1-year with a receipt and a 2-year warranty when you register within 30 days of the order date. (Learn More).

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