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Verizon Data


Use your web browser to go to
Create an account and log in.
Go to: Shop > DATA SERVICE.
Follow the steps to activate your data service.

If you are already logged in, then click here: LINK


500MB Data for 1 Month $15.99  
1GB Data for 1 Month $22.99  
2GB Data for 1 Month $32.99  
1GB Data for 3 Months $35.99  
3GB Data for 3 Months $64.99  
6GB Data for 6 Months $109.99  
12GB Data for 1 Year $199.99 

$5 Add a line (per month per camera) 

More info

The data plan renews when you have used all the data in your plan or your time period expires, whichever comes first. You can cancel your subscription at any time under My Account / Wireless Subscriptions.

This plan includes our Premium service at no extra charge, a $4/month value. Premium service starts/ends on the same day of the month as the data plan.

Plans are linked to a specific camera IMEI and SIM card ICCID. Please do not use the camera with a different SIM card or the SIM card with a different camera. Doing so will cause problems with your plan because premium service for a camera is tied to its SIM and IMEI, and they do not transfer to a different camera. You will not be reimbursed for any loss of service that occurs if you swap cameras and cards.

Disclaimer: All plans and rates described above are subject to change without notice. Any plans are found to be in effect as of December 2016. We don’t guarantee that these plans or rates will be available at any point in the future.